Hosting services

Xela Technolgies Limited provide a range of high quality hosting services for web and DNS.

We also manage domain names on behalf of clients.

Web hosting (static HTML)

- 1st website £20.00 per month

- Subsequent additional sites for same customer +£5.00 per month

Advanced Web hosting (HTML/PHP/SQL)

- POA - contact us for a quote

Domain management

- .UK domains - £1.75 per month per domain

- GTLD/other domains - £2.50 per month per domain

For further information about our hosting services please contact us by email or use our convenient contact form.


  1. Domain management includes DNS and renewal fees with registrar.
  2. Although prices quoted monthly, we would prefer to bill annually.
  3. Prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate.
  4. Web hosting prices quoted assume reasonable traffic levels.